mollymeek (mollymeek) wrote,

Premier Trash

According to PM Lee:

For the opposition . . .  one scholar or two [and] you think "wow" this is a luminous transformation. Well, it is a significant development ... but finally let's look at the person, not what degrees he has, but what he is able to do for Singapore.

I can tell you, we interview many scholars and each time we field a few of them. And we interview other people too and we often field people who are not scholars. It is good to see it in perspective.

We hope that anybody who enters politics is somebody of not just ability but integrity and commitment. These are young people who have got good records academically and been in the civil service.

We wish them well, but we hope Singaporeans will judge individuals like that as rigorously as they would judge individuals who join the PAP side. In other words, it's not just what degree you have, but what sort of person are you and what can you do. (CNA article)

Nonsense, Hsien Loong. If it is about the sorts of people and what they can do, why privilege good academic records and evil civil service experience? That's not any better than deciding on candidates based on whether they have scholarships, you know? And it is obviously political suicide to have a party consisting solely of scholars, so these are just empty words that amount to no more than a cheap attempt to take a stab at the opposition.

It is not about what you can do, Hsien Loong. I happen to think that you are capable of doing lots of things including what I would want you to do, really. But whether you will do those things is another matter. Ultimately, it is what you stand for that matters to me. If you are the embodiment of my misery, I do not care who you are or what you can do. In fact, the more capable you are, the more worried I would be.

It doesn't matter what you can do if you merely stand for your father instead of standing up against him.

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