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What Singaporeans think about Molestation
- Woman molested (or so it is said) at Sentosa Siloso Beach Countdown Party
- Someone recorded the incident on video
- RazorTV reporters go around asking people for their opinions

I'm not sure if RazorTV is deliberately generating a stereotypical spin or if most of the men interviewed seem to be blaming molested woman. Nevertheless, amongst the views expressed are:

1. You deserve to be molested if you go to parties.

“She deserved it lah because she going to the party.”

2. If you choose to go somewhere, and there happens to be molesters there, you are choosing to be molested. (AKA: Be a good girl or be a walking sex toy.)

“She chose to be there. It’s a choice that she made.”

3. Women going to countdown parties should expect to be molested.

“She should know. . . .I mean, before she go there she should know the consequences.”

4. It’s normal to be molested. Especially if you are “wild”.

“It’s interesting. If she was drunk or anything, I think it’s normal . . . It’s a countdown party, . . . there’s alcohol and stuff and maybe she’s a wild girl.”

5. Many cases of molestation makes molestation OK.

“It’s a club lah. I think this kind of behavior is expected.” “It’s actually quite common.”

[Try starting a mass homicide then. If it's common enough, it's fine.]

6. Erm . . . maybe molest women in private instead?

“Disgusting. The guys are just plain disgusting. To be doing this in public area, it’s really disgusting. Illicit.”

7. It's your fault that you did not sufficiently protect yourself.

“I guess if you want to go to that kind of party, she should bring along some others friends [in order] not to be an easy target. . . .It’s just wrong.”

Disclaimer: Although everyone knows that Molly is a wild bimbo who parties in bikini all the time, she is not the victim of the Siloso Beach molestation. She is also relieved that no one took a video of her molesting the drunk hunks in Speedos at the party. They totally deserved it for their partying ways.

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I read somewhere that the 'woman' was a Thai transvestite who seemed to be enjoying the physical attention—initially, at least.

I can't tell. It seemed a little strange to me why the victim doesn't just run away. Transvestite or not, the people's attitudes towards molestation are still the same.

Oh yeah, I agree with your last statement; I was just pointing out that it was actually a tranvestite.

I know. Just clarifying. :)

(Deleted comment)
Except the molesters themselves are often not the ones seen blaming the victim.

You are all missing the point. It doesn't matter if she is a transversite or not. The fact that a crime is committed in public and no one chooses to help is disappointing. Those 4 as well as onlookers should be arrested for committing and abetting the crime.

I think you are mistaken here. Neither Molly nor anyone who has commented here thinks that it matters whether the victim is a transvestite.

As for abetting the crime by being onlookers, it is a more problematic issue. It depends on whether people are obliged to "help". Certainly, it would not be right to look and support the molesters. But to witness it without doing anything could be due to many reasons. If I cannot handle the four molesters, I hope I'm not obliged to "help" the victim. I could be an eye-witness though.

I think it's a case of bystander effect that ppl didn't step up to help.

What if they are friends and they are all willing parties? Then it won't be a case of molestation but rather public indecency.

Why am I responsible to help her when others are not doing anything?

I'm not saying that it's right, but I guess these will be some of the questions I might ask myself if I witness it personally.

That too, of course. There is the whether of whether the onlooker can determine that a woman is being molested. But even when it is obvious that the woman is molested, I don't think the issue is one of responsibility to help. It would be good to have people helping and it would be sad to be attacked and no one helps, but to say that others are responsible might be stretching it too far.

Is molesting a kitten and cat a crime ? Damn, I saw perverted Singaporeans caressing the cat without permission and even blatantly laughing that "It's so cute !". Okay, I need to go now and report a police case about this. The cat will have the last laugh thinking "It is even cuter that human goes to jail because they molest me for my cuteness."

Molly shall take the next cute guy she sees home and keep him home. People do it to cats too, so it should be fine.

this whole world is going to shit

I am still angry after 2 days!!! Who cares about her sexuality, or what race the molesters are!!! Fucking STOMP is spilling over with uneducated, illogical boors. She doesn't deserve jackshit, and molesters are molesters, what ever their race. Transsexuals have feelings. My blue balls might disagree vehemently and hurt me in the process, but I've had chicks say "stop" after hot and heavy foreplay, and every time with much reluctance I relent and go sulk in a corner. It's not even about the fear of rape accusations!!! Don't people have respect for each other any more??? Even if she was a cockteaser when girls say stop, STOP!!!

Re: this whole world is going to shit


ok if the women is claimed to be molested, why wait take video then post it on net, where is the immediate action ? was there any police report made ? am sure the lady should be daring enough to lodge a complain right ? why was the video not further shot, why wasnt the victim approached ?
those guys are foreigners, is it that they are scapegoats to be toyed with ? Too many questions can be easily raised.

If one can take the time and effort to shoot a video of one being molested though it wasnt obvious as the women was not struggling or pushing any one away typicall of any women would do that if she is molested, why wasnt the women approached by the team who is bringing this video into limelight, why wasnt the security brought into attetion ?
so many why why why.......
so is there any hidden motive behind this video ?

Don't know. So we can only comment on what we know and can find out.

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