mollymeek (mollymeek) wrote,

What Singaporeans think about Molestation

- Woman molested (or so it is said) at Sentosa Siloso Beach Countdown Party
- Someone recorded the incident on video
- RazorTV reporters go around asking people for their opinions

I'm not sure if RazorTV is deliberately generating a stereotypical spin or if most of the men interviewed seem to be blaming molested woman. Nevertheless, amongst the views expressed are:

1. You deserve to be molested if you go to parties.

“She deserved it lah because she going to the party.”

2. If you choose to go somewhere, and there happens to be molesters there, you are choosing to be molested. (AKA: Be a good girl or be a walking sex toy.)

“She chose to be there. It’s a choice that she made.”

3. Women going to countdown parties should expect to be molested.

“She should know. . . .I mean, before she go there she should know the consequences.”

4. It’s normal to be molested. Especially if you are “wild”.

“It’s interesting. If she was drunk or anything, I think it’s normal . . . It’s a countdown party, . . . there’s alcohol and stuff and maybe she’s a wild girl.”

5. Many cases of molestation makes molestation OK.

“It’s a club lah. I think this kind of behavior is expected.” “It’s actually quite common.”

[Try starting a mass homicide then. If it's common enough, it's fine.]

6. Erm . . . maybe molest women in private instead?

“Disgusting. The guys are just plain disgusting. To be doing this in public area, it’s really disgusting. Illicit.”

7. It's your fault that you did not sufficiently protect yourself.

“I guess if you want to go to that kind of party, she should bring along some others friends [in order] not to be an easy target. . . .It’s just wrong.”

Disclaimer: Although everyone knows that Molly is a wild bimbo who parties in bikini all the time, she is not the victim of the Siloso Beach molestation. She is also relieved that no one took a video of her molesting the drunk hunks in Speedos at the party. They totally deserved it for their partying ways.

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