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I say I'm putting you first (so stop your f****** whining)
From PM Lee's New Year Message:

1) "Workers will need to up-skill, re-skill and multi-skill. They must be flexible, willing to adapt to changed conditions, and take on new jobs as conditions change."

= Improve your skills (up-skill) and do more kinds of work (multi-skill). Work longer hours with lower expectations (be flexible) and adapt to harsher and harsher conditions without any real workers' rights.

2) "Earlier this year, when job prospects were uncertain, workers took skills upgrading seriously. Now that job prospects have improved, workers must not think that this is no longer urgent."

=> There is always this danger that Singaporeans become complacent and adopt the wrong attitudes. Terrible people.

3) "Older workers should also carry on working for as long as they can; one encouraging sign through this crisis is that employment rates for older workers stayed high."

= Erase the word "retirement" from your dictionary. Erase the word "retirement" from your dictionary. Erase the word "retirement" from your dictionary. Erase the word "retirement" from your dictionary. Erase the word "retirement" from your dictionary. . . .


I'm happy that old folks are competing with young PRC foreigners for cleaning jobs (one encouraging sign) while my father accuses them of not being hardworking enough.

4) "[T]he best way to protect workers is to give them the right skills to remain productive and employable, and ensure that their companies stay competitive internationally."

= Workers should not be protected by stupid things like rights. We protect them by helping their companies stay competitive internationally. Let's start with depressing wages so that the companies will always remain competitive. Competitive companies are always beneficial for workers, aren't they?

5) "The Government’s first responsibility is to Singaporeans.

= I say lah. No harm saying.

6) We will manage and moderate the inflow of foreign workers, so that Singa-poreans are not overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. But we must continue to welcome hardworking, enterprising people to our shores. We need them both to expand our talent pool and help Singa-pore to prosper, as well as to top up our own population and make up for our low birth rates.

= When I say you are not overwhelmed by the number of foreigners thanks to my management, you are NOT overwhelmed. My word is truth, as always.

7) "Our history has been one of overcoming difficult odds to survive and prosper."

= Of course, there will be those who can overcome difficulty and there will be those who can't. Let's only remember the former. Let the latter die off naturally and be forgotten.

8) "Singapore’s prospects are good. . . . Our policies are sound and we have the courage to do the right things."

= Yes, you may hate what I'm doing, but trust me, it is the right thing. Because I say so.


In a nutshell:

Singaporeans, continue to faithfully vote for the PAP, believing that it will do you good no matter what the reality of your plight tells you! =)


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