April 22nd, 2008


My Summary of _the_ Report(s)

There is the report. And there are the reports of the reports. So much to read. I'll just summarize:

Hey look! The government is transparent and responsible. Hey look! It's giving a full account!

Hey look! No one was bribed by terrorists!

Oh yes, something went wrong and they can't be free from blame, but hey, let's be balanced when we blame them.

Action will be taken on personnel of the lowest blameable rank.

Even shorter summary:

You can blame us them, but you shouldn't blame us them.

Shortest summary (actually out long ago):


Petition for the Removal of TVMobile

I didn't start this, but I have been asked to promote it a little.


To: SBS Transit

1) TV Mobile on SBS buses intrudes on our right to peace and quiet and should be removed;

2) TV Movile programmes have appalling entertainment value [Molly: Of course. It was never meant to entertain us. It was meant to bombard us with advertisements. Entertainment? Well, if you are a fan of that *** Mark Lee...];

3) It is unclear to the public how, if any, revenue from TV Mobile has contributed to keeping bus fares low [Molly: SBS had justified the TVMobile as a means of keeping fares low. However, I don't know if the profit the SBS makes from it is factored in when the PTC reviews applications for fare hikes. Neither do I know if passengers are paying for the energy consumption and/or maintenance of the TVMobile. But when SBS applies for a fare hike, it would tell sob stories about high operational costs and how the revenue from fares (not including TVMobile?) is not enough to cover operational costs];

4) Instead, bus fares have been rising steadily,

5) with little signs of service improvements in these areas – A) cleanliness of buses; B) politeness of bus drivers; C) shorter waiting times; D) cost-benefit transparency; [Molly: We also do not know how many decibels of noise commuters are exposed to.]

6. We call for a basic commuter’s right: the right to a peaceful bus ride.


The Undersigned