April 7th, 2008


TVMobile is mindful of sound levels on buses

This is such an adamant refusal to address the issue the it's funny, so hilariously absurd that you might feel like slapping someone.

TVMobile is mindful of sound levels on buses

I REFER to the letter 'Tune out TVMobile, please' by Mr Tan Shao Yi on Saturday. TVMobile is mindful of the audio level on buses.

We conduct regular checks on the prescribed audio level during our regular maintenance programme. Proactive action is also taken to rectify any discrepancy with the audio loudness setting. We wish to also assure all passengers that the TVMobile audio level on buses is calibrated for everyone's comfortable listening pleasure.

We thank Mr Tan for his feedback.

Yong Han Beng
Senior Engineer, TVMobile
MediaCorp TV Singapore

Dear Mr. Yong,

Even if you check the _prescribed_ loudness/volume ("audio level") ten times a day, it is not going to help make commuters more comfortable if your prescribed volume is around 100dB. In fact, if you perform maintenance regularly, TVMobiles that are to "soft" will be adjusted so that they will be loud enough. The real issue that the prescribed volume is too loud. DUH.

And if your TVMobile volume suits "EVERYONE'S" comfortable listening level, then why is someone complaining? Complainers don't belong to your definition of "everyone"?

I thank Mr. Yong for his forum space wasting reply.

Molly Meek

Senior Bimbo