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Everyone else is stupid
Except for the Eternal Ruling Party (ERP) of Singapore and its supporters, everyone else in the world is stupid. People who criticize the ruling party are stupid because they are tricked by Chee Soon Juan, who is anti-Singapore because he is anti-PAP.

The whole world is stupid if they don't buy into PAPism.

But, hey, at least the IBA should know whether it did or did not send a letter to praise the judiciary.

World body fell for a distorted view of S'pore

Speaking of disgust . . .

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(Deleted comment)
What rapist? Don't anyhow say. Wait Mr. Singh come and catch you for calling someone a rapist.

Damn.. can I beg you not to put up links to ST going forward, please? I got the shock of me life and my computer nearly went into a dead spin after clicking on the link to the 140th++


Oh sorry, sorry. Molly already said she's irresponsible. Now you know what she means.

But it won't be fun anymore if he's burned. There will be no one to blame when the rest of the world criticizes Singapore for its lack of democracy.

there will always be heretics.

and witches like molly. :P

It's wrong to fix a mocking peasant by burning her.

but its always right to fix a peasant

How? Will they make it a quick fix?

The arrogance is sickening... the only thing worse than it is how stupid they must think we are to be able to buy into the article!

Someone is always saying this country and that country is keen to learn the eternal ruling party's system of Government. And just a few days ago that someone talks about Russia and China learning from us too. Russia and China, where revolutions and disasters have been tackled and space conquered by them have to learn from us? That is just thinking too highly of oneself indeed.

Wonder why we have to send someone to Japan to learn about tackling aging problems? We should have that covered and also teaching others if we are already the best in the galaxy.

Aiyoh, we must send people to learn from other countries because we are not good at everything mah. The one thing we are good at is generating economic growth that benefits the rich while using that as a justification for not being democratic. The task of conditioning a country of sheep is very complex. Only Singapore has the expertise.

Russia and China do not have to learn from us how to condition a country of sheeps, because they have long gone past that stage. But Singapore is still stuck in that era and just trying to improve on the expertise of sheep rearing and training sheep dogs to guard the kingdom of the rich.

The worst thing is that there are people that stupid.

Yes, you are right. 66.6% fell for it lock, stock and barrel.

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