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Send this to the ST Forum 6: Focus on ISD's Achievements

The mainstream media has been working hard on two tasks. The first is to spin political advertisements for the PAP thinly disguised as interviews centering on capability of our ministers. The second is to establish a good image of the ISD, with articles such as:

- JI escape: One blot should not mar good work, says Jaya (ST, 15 April 2008)

- ISD deals with many terror threats, not just JI: Jaya (ST, 15 April)

- What's so special about Whitley Road centre? (ST, 16 April)

- What goes on here...helps S'pore against JI (ST, 16 April)

- 9 Casablanca bombers escaped via toilet tunnel (ST, 16 April) [It can't be that bad if it happens elsewhere too! We're world-class!]

Also, look at how it has brilliantly appropriated Singaporeans' satire of the escape using the term "Toilet Break".



To help brainwash peasants to condition the public mentally before the release of the full report of Mas Selamat's escape that will not be full anyway, Molly has decided to give the gahmen and the press a helping hand in restoring the good image of the ISD. She invites everyone's favorite Mr. Lee See Nao to pen a letter to the ST.

Here it goes:


Public Should Show More Support for ISD

There have been numerous criticisms of the security forces, including the ISD, because Mas Selamat's escape. However, the public should curb any negative sentiments towards the ISD before a full account of the escape is released to the public.

Ministers have already proved to us beyond all doubt that Mas Selamat was able to escape because he had exploited the complacency of Singaporeans, cultivated by the excessive greatness of the government. The least the public could do is to stop its harsh criticisms of the government and the security forces and start to appreciate all that they have done.

As Deputy Prime Minister S. Jayakumar warns us, we cannot let our good impression of the ISD be marred by one unfortunate incident caused by the complacency of Singaporeans. The ISD's performance has always been excellent. It has an excellent track record that dates back to the days before Singapore's independence. Below are but a few examples of the great work of the ISD:

1. Operation Coldstore

The ISD helped Singaporeans eliminate a serious threat to national security even before Singapore became Singapore. If not for the ISD's great performance in arresting dangerous communists like Lim Chin Siong and the members of his Barisan Sosialis. Singapore could have degenerated into a communist state without democratic elections, free press, free expression and human rights. Equally notable is the arrest of Said Zahari, another subversive communist who would have caused instability and widespread violence in Singapore.

2. Detention of Chia Thye Poh

If not for the ISD, Chia Thye Poh would have wreaked havoc in Singapore and our women would be prostitutes in other people's countries now instead of enjoying a high standard of living in Singapore. If Chia Thye Poh had not been arrested, our men would have been sold as slaves to other people's countries and would not even have the simple entitlement of staying in Singapore to serve the country's defense forces.

3. Thwarting a Marxist Conspiracy in Operation Spectrum

This is the most spectacular achievement of the ISD. Credit certainly has to be given to them for their ability to sniff out Marxist conspirators who were not Marxists and getting them to confess their shameful political activities on national TV. Additionally, the arrest of these non-Marxist Marxist conspirators led to the surfacing of the notorious tax-evading lawyer, Francis Seow, who tried to defend the conspirators against the nation. Seow has since run away from Singapore and is unable to do any more damage.


Mas Selamat is but a microscopic blemish in the ISD's flawless, glowing record. Without the ISD, the PAP would not have been able to make Singapore what it is today. The ISD is the reason that Singaporeans can sleep in peace, assured that they would be safe because the ISD is taking care of their security.

Do you want to continue pointing fingers at the MHA and the ISD or do you want to be bombed by terrorists? The answer is obvious.

Mr. Lee See Nao


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