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Singaporeans need a wake up call.

As an employer, I am apalled by job seekers whose immediate concerns are whether the job pays well enough. My domestic assistant, Sophia, was much more professional. She was only too happy to take up the job regardless of the pay. Needless to say, Sophia is not Singaporean. Singaporeans I have encountered are fussy about pay and benefits such as sick leave. Apparently, they are already thinking of falling sick even before they have accepted a job offer. Such attitudes are atrocious. Workers should not be bothered about remuneration, medical benefits and leave. As workers, their first and foremost priority is to work. Anything else beyond that is a privilege, not an entitlement.

Singaporeans are becoming more and more complacent. They think that the government will take care of them. They are unable to go through hardship and are unwilling to work 18 hours a day. They are so greedy that they think they are entitled to overtime pay when workers are supposed to do work and not suck money from employers who are kind enough to give them work to do.

Singaporeans need to be re-educated. I urge the Ministry of Education to introduce a compulsory subject to all our students - National Employment Education. The government should teach people to moderate their expectations. They should know how lucky they are that they are not slaves because they are waged workers. They should not be more and more demanding. Instead of just giving vouchers to people, the NTUC should also enhance its function and tell workers to lower their expectations or face unemployment. Singaporeans must learn that there is no job beneath their dignity and no remuneration too low. Otherwise our economy will collapse.

Mr. Lee See Nao


Mr. Lee See Nao's source of inspiration:

I REFER to Mr John Ng's letter.

I own a Chinese restaurant. Like Mr Ng, I faced huge difficulty finding Singaporeans to employ as waiters.

For every 10 who responded to my job advertisement, only one was Singaporean whose first concerns were: 'Pay good or not? Must work weekends or not? Got MC benefits?'

Singaporeans are becoming more and more complacent. [Molly: Complacent with what?]

Singaporeans just cannot take hardship these days. [Molly: Yeah. It's only right for employers to make employees go through hardship.]

It is best portrayed by the Chinese sitcom, Just In Singapore on Channel 8, in which the characters Robert and Mary, live by the precept, 'Why work when the Government will take care of us?' [Molly: If that's the case, why would they care about how much they get paid? They would simply wait for the great government to take care of them.]

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) imposes the workforce levy and quota entitlement to prevent an influx of foreigners, be it to maintain social security or retain jobs for Singaporeans. I agree with the concept, but this is hardly applicable in real life.

I urge MOM policy makers to step out of their cosy offices and take a good look at the real world. [Molly: Nonsense! Employers are getting more and more complacent. Now they are expecting the government to take care of them. Employers cannot take hardships nowadays.]

If Singaporeans refuse to take lowly jobs. why penalise business owners? I think the authorities should acknowledge this and make necessary adjustments to accommodate business needs.

Jerry Lim Hwee Leong


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