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Is there a Nation in that City of Possibilities?
Perhaps Singapore is really a city of possibilities. After all, it is not as if anyone is claiming that it is a nation of possibilities. Perhaps as a city, it is full of possibilities. The cosmopolitan city has lots of possibilities and opportunities—even for foreigners. And no one is saying that the possibilities are for everyone. A city of possibilities for some people is still undeniably a city of possibilities. And no one is saying that it is a city of infinite, unlimited possibilities. There is no contradiction when it is possible for the Prime Minister earning three million dollars a year but impossible for the people to say (decide) No.

I see people, miles away, doing things with their lives. And I see things being done to mine.

So is the notion of a city of possibilities inherently meaningless? Of course not. The city of possibilities is simply the city of possibilities.

Or it is simply the city of impossibilities if you have the energy to penetrate beyond its surface. Possible for certain politicians to sue others for defamation; impossible for other politicians to win defamation suits. Possible to work (if you are “not fussy”); impossible to draw your meager CPF till you are reserving a lonely hole in a columbarium. Possible to get into the Parliament, impossible to have a voice. Possible to serve NS; impossible to object. Possible to speak, impossible to reject. Possible to be gagged, impossible to resist. Possible to fall sick; impossible to pay. Possible to love; impossible to get married.

It’s even possible for the state to hang fresh flags in neat columns on HDB blocks when the people’s conscience finds it impossible to do so.

But, of course, all sensible, self-respecting subjects of the city of possibilities do not bother to penetrate the surface of the city of possibilities. While dwell in the impossible realm of impossibilities when you can revel in the simulacra of possibilities? It’s just not practical or rational and it serves no economic purpose.

A city of impossibilities. A city of immobilities.

Yet, what is the nation in this “city of possibilities” (a term coined, it seems, for the National Day celebrations)? City of possibilities, not nation of possibilities. This year’s National Day, judging from the slogans to the theme song, is bent of removing the nation from the nation whilst obstinately still seeping the clichés of nationhood into vulnerable minds.

We still have people wearing CMIO costumes happily hanging out at the Esplanade while NSmen pick up toys for a baby whose pregnant mother could do with the help. Sure, we are definitely still a nation. No, wait: we are an open, cosmopolitan city, so everyone (foreign talents included) can be part of this nation, no … city, really. Wait, we are really nation.

What are we really celebrating for on (actually before and after as well) National Day other than grotesque images of baby-making women getting help from gallant NSmen?

It has been claimed that “we” (another fake term) do not have a nation yet. Quite untrue. The assumption that we would have a real nation one day is questionable for “we” wouldn’t be “we” then. More importantly, we do really have a nation. That is quite undeniable. In fact, what we have is a Pure Nation.

A nation is not a pure nation if it is made up of individuals. The Pure Nation not made up of individuals, but of one statistical average subject who is not anyone. A Pure Nation is one devoid of impurities such as individuals. Such as unwed mothers, gays, lesbians, poor people who are unable to survive on Public Assistance, beggars. Singapore is a Pure Nation. NS serves the purposes of no one; it serves the purposes of The Pure Nation. We need to raise the CPF withdrawal age because it works for the Pure Nation which consist of the average(d) subject whose life expectation is getting longer, not the individuals who might have shorter lives. There are no such individuals in the Pure Nation. A Nation more pristine than NEWater. Elsewhere, spring water exists naturally with minerals. Our sanitized PureNation must undergo fluoridation and chlorination instead.

Wash my blood off your brutal hands, if you will. Purify yourself. I, too, wish I could wash myself away from this squeaky city that dismantles my chastity belt with its mandate.

It is not that subversive sediments do not exist. It’s just that they have to be distilled from the PureNationTM. They can only exist by the side of the PureNation, not within it, unless stated otherwise. Of course, the status of purity is always dependent upon the (expurgated) existence of the subversive sediments. Seditious Sediments. Pure Nationhood built upon effacement, just like HDB flags over kampungs.

This National Day, let us celebrate the success of the tedious process of purification. Purification severing its ties with Sister Putrefaction.

We are not a Nation.

We have a Nation. Constantly a Nation. A consternation.


Xenoboy the Great writes on a similar topic
here. He says there is no nation. Molly says there's a PureNation. (We aren't necessarily contradicting each other though.) What do you think?

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"I see people, miles away, doing things with their lives. And I see things being done to mine."

That is so true.. but still.. people willingly accept this fate destiny. So deprived of freedom, people are giving up the will to live, or rather, accept their destiny as the right way to live.

And some have begun to love it.

Agree with you.

We are not even human ! We are animals, dog and cat etc.
Molly is a cat, our president is a dog (Genius universe's record of most expensive dog !), and most Singaporean are rat (run rat race). I sometimes become dog because I have to bootlick my boss's ass.
Majority of Singapore make up of dogs. You warn the dog, kick the dog, threaten it, the dog will just do nothing with just make a few bark, nothing else. Some dogs are paid high just to be another person's dog. No matter how they are paid, they are still animals not human. Once poor dog outlive their usefulness, in the future, they may be send in to SPCA, Batam is the SPCA version for the SingaDog. The rich and elite dog continue to be underdog to terrorise and tame, bully the hopeless and complaining dog.

Nation consists of humans not animals.
Indeed, we are not yet a nation.

We are not a nation. But then it wouldn't be right to use the word "yet" either. For we would no longer be ourselves if we become a nation.

And we do have (not in the sense of "possess" though) a nation. Singapore is a nation. We are just not part of it.

Hello Molly,

We are not a Nation

Perhaps you can enlighten the KTM on what to you is a nation? :-)

Re: What IS a nation?

If Molly could, she would have written it in the post, wouldn't she? But Molly can at least say that a nation isn't necessarily anything good.

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Lol. This is a pleasant coincidence.

There is indeed a PureNation. Fabricated water. To wash the Sins away.

Even as the words sit uncomfortably with each other.

Trying to tear themselves apart.

Even as we want to tear them apart.

But they still sit. Two words on a fence that goes neither way.

happy day molly. happy day.

And no i am not Great. pureless perhaps.


Like cojoined twins except that the two words aren't really twins?

Pureless, Peerless.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks, hehe. Wish I can change my birth date instead.

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A Mere City of Possibilities

I used to be excited, happy and proud whenever I watched our National Day Parades before.
However, this year, the 2007 NDP, the 42nd Birthday of our new Nation, and despite
the amount of money extravagantly spent to build the water platform and
spectator stands and fireworks,I not only do not feel excited,
happy nor proud, as I watched the parade, I become very
reflective of what we have achieved and
I have these sickening feelings:

The feeling of injustice;

The feeling of neglect;

The feeling of despair;

The feeling of disgust;

The feeling of hopelessness;


The feeling of Sadness.

Those are my feelings of this National Day!

Yes, Singapore is a City of Possibilities! It has not been a country.
It is not a country. It will not be a country. It is definitely
not a Nation yet. It is no more a city of opportunities
for many of us.

Yes, Singapore is simply just a mere City of Possibilities!

Non-Elite-but-Caring. (Young PAP)

Re: A Mere City of Possibilities

Yup, a City of Possibilitites, not a nation, alright. For me (no longer proud to be born-Singaporean), it is about possibility of exiting this huge private company, following the footsteps of my foreign talent friends who used this place as a stepping stone to their final destination.

Re: A Mere City of Possibilities

Why did things change for you so suddenly this year?

I found this off google, strangely. Interesting addition to FriendsPage, but font is a tad ack.

Happy Imagined Community and Manufactured Enthusiasm National Day!

The journal somehow looks different on different computers and different browsers. Thought it doesn't look too bad on my screen, but I don't know about other screens.

Happy Belated National Day!

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