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Get thee to the rear, Molly
Molly hasn't been blogging much for the past few weeks and has been writing even less. Firstly, she fell ill a few weeks back. Then an entry inspired by this year’s NDP theme song, an entry about the shifting nationalist ethos and the pseudo-cosmopolitan nationalism with which Singapore is currently engaged, was accidentally deleted with a wrong click on the browser. (The entry is lost forever even if it does eventually appear in some other form here.) Furthermore, Molly’s depression isn’t getting any better and her disillusionment with this thing called Singapore, something warped beyond recognition, is going as high as the STI, but isn’t going to crash any time soon. She feels more and more trapped. She writes, she writes in the third person, but she doesn’t know if anyone understands what she’s saying; I doesn’t know if she want anyone to understand.

Those who prefer Molly to do some serious blogging (whatever that might mean in the context of the ridiculous Molly Meek) will have to make do with this entry for some time to come as Molly continues with a semi-break.


Singaporeanitis: the chronic inflammation of the singaporean triggered by an autoimmune disorder. Condition is aggravated by exposure to poorly ventilated, stifling environments. Incurable condition sometimes treated with multiple singapore transplants.

Our collective fetish is to kneel before the king who has left the throne, but still wears a massive crown that asphyxiates us under its demonic glare.

You sever my joints but throw me into a race as I lie paralyzed, trampled, hyperventilating.

Let’s move to the rear, step behind the yellow line to make way for the profit margin. Too civil to disobey, we would even murder Rosa Parks in Hong Lim Park for we are ordered to be orderly.

You imprison me for the crimes you perpetrated, locking vertical metal lines into my soul.

Spare parts of well-oiled grinder. Spare but not spared, we are micro-organisms programmed to multiply in the 35-degrees Celsius manure culture so as to place our moral stench on the world map.

I don’t know if anyone comprehends. I don’t know if I want anyone to comprehend at all.

Scandals are what we move on from all the time, sometimes from one intoxicating scandal to another addictive scam, but we are constitutionally obliged forgive the almighty powers for the greater good of humanity.

I move from Paris to Berlin, from Taipei to Beijing, wondering when the great walls at home will fall. Before or after me?

We love to be stroked, lovingly caressed with a few regrettable extra strokes accentuating the barbaric, masturbatory tenderness gazing at us, protecting us from everything but itself.

Citizenship is a slow-acting assassin by the name of Death Sentence.

I dial 911 on National Day to book a salvation ticket.

"The number you've dialed does not exist." Not for me anyway.


Happy Cosmopolitan National Day.

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You sever my joints but throw me into a race as I lay paralyzed, trampled, hyperventilating.

- I cant agree any more...

We love to be stroked, lovingly caressed with a few extra strokes accentuating the barbaric, masturbatory tenderness gazing at us

- all MM readers knows u're a horny cat

Argh... typo.

Molly is just imaginative.

Getting disillusioned

Dear Molly,
Perhaps you have been indulging in too much negative energies - through your writings and reactions to various singapore events - to feel your present level of depression and disillusionment.

It can be detected from your recent writings.

It is said, too much of anything cannot be healthy or sustainable. It would be a pity to see you follow Mr Wang's current trajectory, writing about how to play tricks with the mind.

Perhaps, it might help if one looks beyond the emotional entanglement with singapore and its administrators.

Dan E

Re: Getting disillusioned

Actually things get a little more personal than that. I didn't make myself depressed by writing. Rather, I write the way I do because I'm depressed to begin with. Which is why sometimes Molly is labeled a self-indulgent blogger.

That said, I usually post what I have written when I think they have some kind of value, however vague that sounds. Clearly, Molly isn't and has never been one of those bloggers reowned by their impeccable objectivity. The negative energies can be taken as a form of subjective emotional expression, something all too neglected in Singapore. Some people paint, some people write poetry, some make movies to do so. I just happen to be writing blog entries to do something similar. This, however, does not mean that there is no reasonable critique within the writing. The more positive stuff can emerge from the negative - it depends on how you read it. It's always a matter of reading between the lines and beyond the lines. But, of course, a mere Molly shouldn't be expecting too much.

Ultimately, who is Molly? Is Molly me?

Thanks for reading. What do you think is wrong with Mr. Wang's current blogging style, by the way?

Re: Getting disillusioned

Mr.Wang has evolved from politics to human psychology. Wonder if Molly will also evolve. :)

Re: Getting disillusioned

Molly has always been protean and has always been changing. But cats will always be cats though there are so many different breeds.

Re: Getting disillusioned

Dear Molly

Don't give it to the pessimism that is part of the terrority of living in our la-la land of uniquely singapore.

Channel your energies into applying for an aussie PR, it is not too difficult if you have a college degree and apply when you are young.

Once you have set up your escape route, you will find that being a citizen of singapura is easier because you have a back door out of this f***ing place.

Majullah Molly!

Re: Getting disillusioned

Molly doesn't want to give in, but she knows that the MRT tracks are way more accessible than an Aussie PR and whatnot. Except that when one is raped 24/7 (metaphorically, that is), one probably can't even muster enough energy to make one's way to the MRT tracks, but can only scream in pain. A scream of defeat, despite the refusal to be defeated, if you get what I mean.

Or perhaps screaming in pain is a form of expression that sadly lacks recognition in this overly bureaucratic space that is overwhelmed by too much pragmatic objectivity. Perhaps it carves out a space where the violence is rendered visible finally, even if this space is sizzling with pained screams.

I'm sorry if the above doesn't sound lucid enough.

But as long as I'm still writing, I have not given in totally.

How do you apply for an Aussie PR when you aren't even working or living there?

Thanks for your encouragement. I could do with a bit of it, even if Molly doesn't...

Applying for Aussie PR

Australia's PR system is basically the reverse of Singapore. You need to qualify via a points system if you are applying for a skilled migration VISA/PR which then allows you to apply for jobs and work/stay in Australia as a Permanent Resident.

To qualify, you need to meet their criteria which is clearly stated in the Dept of Immigration and Indigenous Affairs website

Basically, if you have college degree, relevant work experience and are below 30, chances are very good to qualify for the skilled migration VISA.

The other way is to get an employer in Australia to sponsor you. That is more tricky as you need some lobangs or be headhunted.

Try to apply for one, it gives you options! :)

Re: Applying for Aussie PR

Let's just say I don't have much on my side.

Re: Getting disillusioned

If you board the mrt in a daze Molly, you are likely to be taken for a ride, not free though.

Re: Getting disillusioned

I have been taken on a very expensive ride all my life.

Re: Getting disillusioned

I feel so raped;

deprived of the cloak of human decency.
robbed of the goodness of the land and the smiles of the people
denied to sensory stimulation and aesthetics befitting civilization.
harassed into accepting the senile hand of a imbecile despot

I'm numbed, wont to being stripped and bereft of life's promises. My life slipping through the depraved scheming of a sick perverted familee.

Re: Getting disillusioned

Do you feel raped or are you raped?

Re: Getting disillusioned

Mr Wang says that many animals are homosexual and therefore it should be acceptable if homo sapiens are also homosexual. He however did not say that many animals practise incest and therefore it should be acceptable for humans too. Btw, one post on the Subject of homosexuality even said that somewhere in the anatomy of the human male there is a spot that generates the highest(greatest) pleasure and I wonder if that is to say all males(human) should have that spot activated. Why not say sex gives much pleasure and everyone should indulge in it, why care whether pleasure comes from whatever kind of sexuality, kind of queer to me.

Re: Getting disillusioned

I don't remember the animal reference, so I can't comment on his views.

The interesting thing about homosexuality and incest is that people who object to homosexuality often use a comparison with incest - this is most of the time done using a weak argument. On the other hand, counter arguments against the comparisons to incest are often not foolproof either.

To clarify my own stance, I am not against homosexuality. But I think arguments for and against homosexuality are often not foolproof. Resorting to a comparison with animals is precisely the sort of arguments that are not foolproof.

Everyone is, I believe, entitled to his/her view on manifestations of sexuality. I respect homosexuals, lesbians, transexuals, heterosexuals, etc for who they are or even who they chose to be. However, within certain limits, I won't stop people from frowning upon different sexual behaviors - as long as they do not resort to violence against "different" sexualities or claim that sexuality should be legislated.

I don't know about you, but I think the law should not side with a particular moral stance and should only exist to protect citizens. If homosexual sex between two consenting adults is strictly a private affair, there is no reason to regulate it. But if it involves an underaged person who arguably needs some degree of protection, then the law can come in. But in this case, the law wouldn't be one against homosexual behavior, but would be one against pedophilic behavior. (Of course, the definition of pedophilia varies - is an "underaged" person 18 years old, 16 years old or what? There will always be controversy, I guess.)

Similarly, I would personally frown upon two incestuous but consenting adults. But I won't insist that the law must do something. I might think of them as immoral, but it's their business. If there is a reason to stop them from having children, maybe the law can step in... Other than that, how much can we do?

If we legislate on the basis of morality (even if it's the morality of a majority or minority group), then we might one day even decide to legislate on heterosexual casual sex and even on contraception since a conservative population frown upon these behavior.

OK, Molly is rambling on and on too much. Personally, I prefer Mr. Wang's socio-political posts, but he made a conscious choice to shift the direction of his blog. And why not? It is not necessarily a deterioration in terms of quality - it's just not what people looking for a socio-political blog are looking for.

Although you are a cat, you are a citizen too. As such, you should expect the highest standards from your leaders (and especially those starting from home.) And Singapore is where home is - right? from the cheesy lyrics of Songs Singapore ver 2007.

So get up now and do a Hongyi, not Chingay - thats the mother of all Hongyis.

Molly would rather not be a citizen. She would prefer to be a foreign talent.

I adore you Molly, you got a mind of your own and like the above poster, I will also say; 'do a Hongyi'.

Thanks. How to do a Hongyi? The "ly" in "Molly" is not Lee/Li lor...

Just be as revolutionary and radical!

Isn't writing unclassifiable blog entries and blogging about my subjective feelings revolutionary and radical enough, especially when the Bhavani (remember her commandments?) and lots of other people expect socio-political bloggers to be totally "objective" and "neutral"?

Anyway, Hongyi isn't that revolutionary and radical. He seems to have nothing against forced conscription. And his views regarding leadership, while perhaps commendable, could well also be conservative. Is he revolutionary enough to criticize Ah Gong and Ah Pa for the way they have sued people, etc? (I don't know. Maybe?)

I started the 'do a Hongyi' as a joke.

On one hand, some people have started associating it with it expletive cousin that ends with a Kant.

On the other, it's the modern equivalent of 'building castles in the air'

Let's do a Hongyi to celebrate National Day.

If you ever write a book, I'll buy it.
For its literary merit. Amongst others.

Thank you. Hopefully enough of people like you exist to make Molly a mini Rowling.

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