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Raffles Hospital: Misinformed Family?

Update 2: The patient's husband is still not satisfied with the hospital's response. CNA article.

Here's another news clip. The deceased's husband is interviewed and he is claiming that the hospital staff had provided them with wrong information, requesting that the family go to the blood bank to donate blood first. It was only after seeing the blood bank's reply (to the media?) that he realized that it was unnecessary. The hospital has promised an internal inquiry.

News clip is in Chinese:

Update 1: Blood shortage was not cause of death: Raffles Hospital

This clarification was somewhat expected. It's still a pity that the journalist(s) doing the report did not push for a specific clarification as to whether the patient's family was indeed told something about needing approval from higher authorities. If so, what was this all about? Had they misinterpreted the hospital staff?

Had the hospital staff been too eager to urge the patient's family to replenish the blood supply, thus giving them the impression that the patient urgently needed blood donations? If so, was it appropriate given that the patient was in a critical condition? It should have been more important for the staff to explain the patient's condition at that point in time instead of talking about blood donations when it wasn't necessary. (What made the family bring their relatives to the hospital for blood donations?)

While there might not have been any serious malpratice or unethical practice, perhaps the hospital needs to improve on its communication with patients and their family.


Previously entitled "WTF" but it has been suggested that "WTF" doesn't sound neutral enough for a situation that is still investigated, so I changed the title. CNA Article.
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