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There's terrorism, and there's the terrifying
You have probably seen news headlines declaring, somewhat proudly, that we have managed to nab more people who are engaged in terrorist activities. No, to be more specific, these news articles seem to be showing evidence of how efficient we are at dealing with terrorists and people who have "plans" to engage in terrorist activities.

As CNA reports:

[DPM Wong Kan Seng is concerned that some people hold the] view that it is unnecessary to detain those who have not killed in terror attacks here - even if they had plans to do so overseas.

[He says,] "If an individual can go overseas and conduct violence and terrorist activities, he can one day also come back and do the same to Singapore and work against Singaporeans. We've seen this in many countries."

While Molly is in no way supportive of terrorism or any plans to conduct terrorist activities, she is interested in what constitutes "planning" to conduct terrorist activities. How do we determine if a person is planning terrorist activities? Through a technology a la Minority Report? Do we or should we have a right to arrest someone who is at the "planning" stage?

Molly isn't too sure if DPM Wong has gotten people's views wrong. How many people would think that it isn't necessary to nab terrorists if they have not conduct a terrorist attack in Singapore? Well, if a person was involved in terrorist activities in another country, he would be a wanted person in that country and we should certainly help to nab that guy if we could.

But do we have to detain the person for ourselves?

And why do we have to resort to the Internal Security Department (ISD) and the Internal Security Act (ISA)? The real concern is not whether we detain people but it is why people  can be detained without trial. There is also the question of what the "rehabilitation" techniques employed by the ISD are. Can the public trust the state machinery so unreservedly? If a person has committed a crime, why can't he simply be arrested by the police and put on trial? Moreover, it seems that people have been detained even before they have done anything criminal, as suggested by the idea that we need to detain people with "plans" to conduct terrorist activities. Doesn't the difficulty of determining what wrong a person at the "planning" stage has done seem to further warrant the need for a fair trial?

Of course, Molly isn't saying that we should wait until the person has bombed up a place before arresting the person, but why can't we use conventional, internationally accepted legal procedures used here? Why the ISD?

Are there any laws or measures to protect ordinary, innocent citizens, i.e. to prevent the ISD from being used as a political or repressive tool by the government?

In the 1980s, when people were paranoid about communism, people were arrested by the ISD for being involved in a Marxist conspiracy. A number of these people were to later claim to be innocent and, indeed, it has been claimed that the arrests were politically motivated. When people are detained without recourse to a fair trial, it is not only justice but also the integrity and reputation of Singapore's state bodies that are at stake.

No matter how much the ISD is contributing to Singapore's security, can't the system be refined to protect innocent people - at least in case of a freak election result when a repressive government take over the place of the immensely fair and upright PAP government which certainly won't abuse the ISD??

Note: This post has nothing to do with the previous post about the termination of Alfian Sa'at's relief teaching position.

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Leaving Singapore

That's 1 major reason why I'm leaving Singapore. For a self-proclaimed 1st world country with the "world's best and most talented" politicians based on their logic of high pay equals high performance... it is really ridiculous that they cannot even implement a system that is robust against "freak elections". Speaks much of the reality of Singapore's much self-trumpetted peace and stability.

Re: Leaving Singapore

Leaving? Never take Molly along. :(


Every time, when there are embarrassing issues that make the government looks bad, they give you one BIG BANG in your face to tell you about some nationalistic incidents of mega proportion that suppose to move heaven and earth. This time, something that is not as rock solid as the first videos. It is what they said only, they can say whatever & anything (no pun intended) when there is no trial and no evidence to be shown in courts.


Distraction from?

Re: Distraction

GST increase, NETS increase, Richard Yong's escape, UNSW pull out & EDB involvement, AGO's report, government ministries' missing millions, SAF Taiwan air crash, ASEAN response (?) to Myanmar's nuclear research reactor, Shin Corp's loss, supply of sand, price hikes, postage price increase, TT Durai's trial, possible loss of busiest port status, housing loan repayment period, police inaction to violence, CPF minimum sum raise, job discrimination, minister's pay raise, Malaysia's proposed oil pipeline, means testing, leadership quality, baby-kissing men, justice system, real impact of integrated resorts, foreign talents, $290 PA, dengue fever cases, old NKF, national service, CASE's effectiveness, non appearance of public people, delayed perusal of certain accident cases, real cost of living, ground level unhappiness, low income family hardship, university entry requirements, small charitable organizations, widening income gap, transportation woes, working after retirement, old people in the streets, tissue paper sellers, used can collectors, scholars, gays, investor friendly policies, outsourcing, KPIs, defense budget, crappy statements, non-answers, bank computer failures, poor rankings, real amount of our reserves, actual accounts books of Temasek & GIC, foreign investments, upcoming visit of US President, last parliament seatings, GE 2006, MRT suicides, NS training deaths, real GDP figure, official incompetence, spoken lies, bubble bursting, bad private schools, F1 inconveniences, the real intentions of one old man, etc etc.

I could go on and on but you probably would know more...

But isn't everything a distraction for everything? Overwhelm those damned peasants with issues. So anything and whatever deserves attention, still.

Please, people be rational and be very thankful for the ISA.

When the taxi driver drives along the wrong way,
When the sales girl glares for asking for help,
When the official adopts a high and mighty attitude,

just report them as having plans to conduct terrorist activities. After all, the message is better be safe than sorry, better them dead than us.

Anyway, the sixties/seventies/eighties saw people branded as 'communists'. You all should be grateful to the powers to be to invoke a national retroric.

It's all for our own good.

Thinking about it...

Molly Molly Molly.

You never heard the phrase, 'I think therefore I am'?
So 'You think therefore you are a terrorist'
simple right?


Re: Thinking about it...

1. Molly is a bimbo.

2. Bimbos don't think.

3. Therefore Molly doesn't think and is not a terrorist. Phew.

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