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To Fix a Mocking Peasant

Evil Kitten Blogs Irresponsibly

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The Talent Test: Are you talented?

Just when you thought that you have heard all the classic MIW quotes with regards to the impending pay increase for ministers and top civl servants, here's another one to make your day before the official announcement:

"[W]e should question the government as to why adjustments are not done on an automatic basis annually since they have all the returns of the income tax. Instead of waiting a few years and doing a big adjustment, why not do a small adjustment every year similar to what PTC (Public Transport Council) does for the transport fares? That may be better for the public to accept." (MP Lim Wee Kiat)

Darling, I think he public has never really bought into the ridiculous yearly fare adjustment scam theory. But you can try ...

Today, Molly brings you a special blog entry to help you discern if a minister is talented.

You know you are a talented minister if:

1. You have the unenviable job of spewing verbal trash that make priceless jokes. But people insist on getting these jokes/jokers for a cheaper price. In short, you live in a world full of injustice.

2. Money makes you less corruptible. If you are given less money, you are prone to bribery. But if you are given more money, you won't be prone to nepotism although politics become pretty lucrative.

3. You are trained in a field that can earn you lots of money. E.g. you could be a lawyer or a doctor. Talented poets don't make talented politicians. (After all, they don't know anything about defamation suits.)

4. You think you are underpaid, but you also think that people are jealous of your low salary.

5. You know for a fact that the country will collapse without people like you.

6. You are amongst the most talented people in the country, but you are only receiving a salary that is about two-thirds of the salaries of the most talented people in the private sector. Nevertheless, this salary is supposed to be competitive enough to retain top talents like you.

7. You orchestrate a debate in the Parliament regarding your pay increase - after you have already decided on the pay increase.

8. The thing that connects you to the peasants is that neither you nor the peasants are able to identify the ministers who are going to quit without a pay increment.

9. Your pay increment alone might be a few times more than the pay your counterparts elsewhere are receiving.

10. Self-confidence. You go around unabashedly telling people, implicitly or explicitly, that you are talented.

And the media helps you spread the gospel of talents.

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the day before the official announcement?

Oh please. when the government reveals a plan, it is already official. Remember the casino plan? People complain but still it's a go-ahead. Remember the section 377? People petition for it to be repealed still nothing is done. Or the raise in GST taxes? Bus fares? Since when is there a plan that the government reveals but revokes?

The plan is official, but the announcement is not supposed tobe official mah.

The period between the "unofficial" official announcement and the "official" official announcement is there for the MIW to take turns to showcase their comedic talents, justifications, and for the press to churn propaganda and for the public to rant. By the time the "official" official announcement is made, the public would have run out of steam. And even if it says anything else, people might have become too lazy to listen.

MP with a heart

Hmmmm. If i was one of the lesser known MP i would declare publicly that i will not accept the increment. Just imagine what it could do to one credibility. BEfore you reject the increment you are just a million dollar MP but after rejecting the increment you are now the MP with a heart (but still with a million dollar salary).

I wonder if anyone would pull a stunt like this?

Re: MP with a heart

Well.. as a publicity stunt, it might work. But i don't think that lesser known MP would remain MP for very much longer after that.

Why? Will he be charged under the sedition act?

Re: MP with a heart

Why would any MP perform such a suicidal act? First he reduces his/her own salary then probably would be asked to resign.

I'm sure some people are going to disagree on some points, e.g. why must you have a huge pay increment all at once instead of having a yearly increment?

These "disagreements" will actually be positions that agree that:
1. Ministers need million-dollar salaries
2. They need a pay increment.

Re: MP with a heart

One New MP has just hinted indirectly to PUBLIC TRANSPORT COMMUTERS to prepare for another round of FARE INCREASES! My goodness! The Scheme! The Technique and The Tactic!!

AUTOMATIC annual increments

Where do you find all these f**kers? You mean want AUTOMATIC pay increments (+ bonuses) every year, even when the economy is down?

While the rest of us,
  • have no pay increment for the past few years
  • lost their jobs to "globalisation"
  • have this bloody Variable Wage Component in our pay
  • replaced by FTs
  • pay your bloody price increases without change in our salaries
Say this in Cantonese: MIGHT AS WELL GO ROB, YOU GO EAT SHIT!!!

Re: AUTOMATIC annual increments

We have stress, they (ministars) have stree. Our stress is to make ends meet. Their stress is to come up with all sorts of bullshit to tell us why they need the increment. Guess which one is more stressful!?!

Re: AUTOMATIC annual increments

The Hong Kong Bus uncle will is more stressed... ask him to migrate to Singapore as foreign talent if he cannot find a job in HK.

Re: AUTOMATIC annual increments

To give him the benefit of doubt, maybe he means that there could be automatic pay decrements as well?

Re: AUTOMATIC annual increments

Why you all like that (written in the manner of the Papsycophant)hah. Just 1 million dollars only. My wife already lost 18 billion dollars and more an you all don't make noise as much as an increase of 46 million. No wonder pa say you all no sense of proportion. Still don't get it.

The longer we are around, the more corruption we are tempted. The more years we spend in office, the more you have to pay. If you cannot pay,then leave for a less efficient. Sooner or later you will come back from white trash Australia unless my pa gets another award there. Got other supermarkets like Carefor. If you want to shop an UnfairPrice, then die die also gotto pay lor. This is me fixing the hum.

what about means testing.. is that where the 0.22 (or whatever) amount of the gdp is going to come from?

Means testing for ministerial pay increases?

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