mollymeek (mollymeek) wrote,

How to deal with a leak

Q: What do you do if you have a pail of water but the pail has a hole on its base?

A: For every milliliter of water that is leaked, you pour in 10 liters of water.

Now, don't you start accusing Molly of being bimbotic! There's a historical precedent in such a solution!

SM Goh tells us that Singapore is leaking talent. Sob. Sob. People do not want to come back to Singapore. Sob. Sob So we bring in foreign talent.

The problem is apparently bad. CNA reports that Singapore is losing "[n]ot just ordinary talent, but its best and finest."

Yes, there's a hierarchy of talents. Where do these best and finest talents come from though?

"These are bright young people, children of very well educated Singaporeans," says SM Goh.

Hmm.... If Molly leaks out of Singapore, perhaps you people don't have to worry so much. She's not the best and finest talent with very well educated parents - they know less than 26 letters of the alphabet.

What happens is that many of these top talents study overseas and do not want to come back to Singapore. "Even if they were to think of moving back to Singapore later, some find houses here too expensive. Others are put off by Singapore's shortage of space. Still others prefer the lifestyle in America, Europe or Australia." (CNA)

SM Goh laments: "They don't come back; we lose them. This is a very big problem for us because if we lose the top 0.5 per cent from the next generation, Singapore will have a much lower 'peak'. The world is now competing on human resources and talent."

"That was why Singapore, too, has had to turn to talented people from other countries, get them to work here and eventually turn them into Singaporeans." (CNA)

OK, for losing 0.5% of the next generation (that's like how many people?), we bring in a few million foreign talents (that's like how many people?).... Interesting.

Somehow the logic escapes Molly a little. What makes SM Goh think that a place that fails to attract its own top talents will be able to attract top talents from all over the world? Do top Singaporean talents have higher expectations than top talents elsewhere? Or perhaps Singapore is somehow more attractive to non citizens than to citizens, in which case, how are we going to turn foreign talents into citizens without them eventually leaking away?

In any case, Molly is not very talented. :( But hopefully it doesn't matter if she quits because she's not talented. At least there will be one less liberal-minded, subversive blogger to manage and fix.
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