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The Post-65 Myth

Sorry, sorry. Molly has been too busy to blog much. We post-65 bloggers are busy with so many things.

Many people, probably of varying degrees of so-called elitism, have made fun of the idea of MPs dancing hip-hop. In doing so, many people forget to question what "post-65" is supposed to mean in the first place, if it means anything at all. As a general tip, Molly advises that any term that the mainstream media brandishes one time too often is worthy of examination as myth.

Take the latest article for example:

"Expect livelier and robust debate when the eleventh Parliament opens on November 2, especially with a bumper crop of new MPs, says the Speaker of Parliament.

The 24 new faces have been working the ground for the past few months since the General Election in May, and the Speaker of Parliament expects them to have a good feel of issues at the constituency level.

And being from the post-65 generation, he expects them to raise issues relevant to their cohort. "

What do you mean by the post-65 myth, Molly? Look at the MPs alive and kicking dancing!

But look at the article. Does anyone suppose that people's concerns are necessarily related to their age or so-called "generation?"

The fact that a group of post-65 MPs have to start dancing hip-hop and try to be hip and happening and the fact that they have to work the ground show the distance between this group of MPs and whoever they are trying to reach. That's the primary paradox that belies the post-65 myth. They represent you but they don't. Or they don't represent you though they do. If they could simply "work the ground," could MM Lee himself do the job? There is the issue of renewing the PAP, but this does not mean that the post-65 construct is in any way concrete.

Isn't Wee Shu Min a post-65er too? Do the post-65 MPs represent the Wee Shu Min type post-65er or the Derek Wee post-65er? Or the Molly-Meek type of post-65er? Perhaps Molly should come up with her own post-85 blogger category. Except that people who relate to Molly range from aunties to NSmen to students. People who don't relate to her also range from aunties to NSmen to students to....

To speak of the post-65 cohort as though it were undifferentiated in terms of class, gender, sexual orientation, politics etc is not only to neglect these other factors but to ignore (deliberately or not) precisely the political nature of the "post-65" category.

The post-65 category is not just to label one group of people but to label everyone--ostensibly according to their generation. At the same time, it perpetuates the meta-narrative of pre-independence struggle, of the post-independence struggle, of the primacy of nation-building (that's why the "65" signifier is important). As though the current political struggle doesn't exist or is at least secondary to the previous struggle(s). In fact, it's as though the post-independence political struggles never took place--no closing down of local newspapers, no conspiratorial Marxist conspiracy, no political bankrupts. In short, in covertly emphasizing nation-building and a single 'national' struggle, the state has cleverly relegated several other issues to the background. Or to invisibility.

The post-65 myth presents a solution to the very problem it simulates, the problem that there exists a generation of relatively young people who have not experienced the struggles of the nation-building days, who are politically detached, etc.

Molly is about 18 years old (as always). But don't labeling her a post-65 person. Molly doesn't relate to hip-hop or what not.

The post-65 MP doesn't exist. We only have the PAP MP. (This itself, Molly doesn't claim is a bad thing,) Do we need pre-65 and post-65 MPs? Or do we need PAP and opposition MPs?

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what to do?

How do we make the post-65 MPs more aware of the fact that their monological view of Singaporeans hurts some (many) of them?

Heh, but asking them to join another party? But then, they won't be MPs anymore.

I believe the system had failed or is waiting to fail mainly because that under the current system those MP are actually being chosen by the MIW rather than truly by the people. The only exceptions are perhaps those AP who actually contested and win, or get elected in as NMP.

So it is not a rocket science theory to why these MP seem to be losing touch with the people or seem like someone who had been living in outer space and not in Singapore. They don't need to work their ground up to prove that they are good enough, they only need to be 'good' enough to get invited to tea.

Beside most of these MP are from the elite class and 'screened' only by the MIW themselves, it send a cold chill down my spine to not knowing how many of them actually want peasant like me to get the hell out of their uncaring elite face when I am down with problem.

Heh, it sounds like regression ad infinitum but I must ask: who chose the MIW who chose the MIW who chose the MIW who chose the MIW...?

Confessions of a P65er

Dear Molly

Interesting perspective.

Names are very important. Naming and labelling in Singapore is very very important. For example, if there is no more EM3 and EM2 and EM1, how do we tell the elites from the non-elites from the not-so-elites to the i-want-to-be-elite or i-pretend-to-be-elite-but-am-not groups?

But I digress, the important message is that labelling is important. Sounds like tautology? The MIW's labelling of P65 is to INSTANTLY create that connection that this post-independence group of MPs are representative of the entire post-65 generation which is as diverse as there are animal species in Bukit Timah Hill.

MIW's world view is you are an elite or you are NOT. I guess P65 group is non-elite unless you do hip-hop, then yo! that is TOTALLY cool, dude! yeah... piff-diddy and 50cents - eat your heart out - yo yo yo! ELITEZ spelt with 733l3

To answer your question, WE voted in the MIW. The 66.6% got exactly what they deserve - an ELITE regime that is only interested in perpetuating the ELITISM that is the secret name for MERITOCRACY.

It is up to us to create the conditions suitable for regime change in 2011.

Hip-hop is DEAD, long-live hip-hop.

Lunatic Fringe

Re: Confessions of a P65er

How can the power of the elites rest on the whims of the non-elites? We should just do away with elections.

Actually the system makes it so that they always come in a package, so if you choose one you have to take all instead. It's like those Vitagen drink pack, I only like the milky and grape one, but if I want to buy I have to buy a pack that come with all 3~4 favors.

So literally you don't really get to choose your MP even though you are 'choosing'. :P

Beside, I think peasants nowadays are choosing upgrading rather than choosing the MP. And some don’t dare to choose at all, they just fear that they might ganna relegate into 3rd class citizen if they vote the wrong person. After all as a peasant, you don’t want to be jobless one day and have to approach NTUC for help and then they tell you that you should get out of their uncaring MIW face because your MP happened to be from AP, right?

Switch to Yakult lah.... unless the shop doesn't sell. But then you still can quit your neighborhood and go to Cold Storage or Carrefour.

No there isn't. LKY chooses the MIWs- case closed. The rest of us just have the illusion of choice.

Plenty more of 'marxist conspiracy' at my blog

Plenty more of 'marxist conspiracy at my blog at :--

Robert HO

Re: Plenty more of 'marxist conspiracy' at my blog

Conspiracy Hub.

Re: Plenty more of 'marxist conspiracy' at my blog

RH: Conspiracy Hub? I hereby challenge you to make a police report about my blog and let all Hell break lose -- for LKY and his doomed PAP.

Re: Plenty more of 'marxist conspiracy' at my blog

But what's there to report about?

Re: Plenty more of 'marxist conspiracy' at my blog

RH: Criminal and civil defamation. Sedition. Etc. You know, all the usual LKY tricks. Just make a police report and they will do the rest -- they have much experience in suing, prosecuting critics. You can even make a police report ANONYMOUS, with a phone call. The police ALWAYS investigates whenever there is a complaint. You can just phone them.

By the way, up till yesterday, my blog was first result to appear when you google "I came, I saw, I soled it" BUT TODAY, EVEN TYPING IN THAT EXACT TERM DOES NOT THROW UP MY BLOG SITE. WHO TOOK IT OFF? GOOGLE OR LKY?

yo molly.

is that meant to be hip hop?

Its a myth, that they want us to believe

Perhaps its unfortunate that in the bid to connect with the Singaporeans which our leadership had supposedly lost touch with. They will try all sorts of methods to do so, as in co-opting politically dependable candidates as new MPs to change the image of the PAP.

While I believe that there are PAP MPs whom truly wish to help Singaporeans as a whole. To me, it does not matter if they are post-65s or pre-65s, PAP or opposition MPs as long as they can understand what their constituents' needs and meet them, question policies and answer our concerns in due course without fear of repercussions.

It is only unfortunate, that this discourse would never happen in a single party rule with only opinions of a few that truly matters. They could be post-65 MPs, yet should their empathy, concern, and views could not translate to actions or to influence policies made by those elite few. The myth of post-65 MPs trying to connect, would always remain as a myth.

Dancing like an African American does not turn our society into a more open and inclusive; nor does it connect to me for that matter.

Re: Its a myth, that they want us to believe

Dancing hip hop makes us more open and inclusive what. It shows that we welcome foreign stuff, such as talents, dance, whatever.

I love you mollymeek!

I love you mollymeek!

Re: I love you mollymeek!

Love the gahmen instead. It's good to you.


The creation of a group of new MPs belatedly labeled the post 65 generation is such a lame attempt to perpetuate the political domination of the pre 65 MPs in the ruling elite class.

The lack of opposition MPs to represent the significant 33% dissenting voters is a serious issue in a true democracy. This under-representation cannot be replicated simply by manufacturing an artificial group of post 65 MPs.

These post 65 MPs cannot speak "freely" and "fearlessly". Not when their future inclusion in the ruling elite class rides on the goodwill of the pre 65 MPs; not when accountability, loyalty, are owed to their political leaders rather than to the voting public.

Singapore Parliament might end up like the Trojan Horse which according to Greek legend was large, hollow, appearing outwardly desirable but actually containing something so harmful it devastated the citizens of Troy.

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