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To Fix a Mocking Peasant

Evil Kitten Blogs Irresponsibly

9 August 1990
Oh Hi! i'm Molly Meek. I can't tell you my age because my surgeon is always changing it. i mean... I'm always 18. According to my friend, my vital stats are as follows: 38: 1.8: 2.9 It's quite technical. He said it was a measure of volume of cranial cavity: cerebral mass: percentage of cerebral activity. I don't really know what he's talking about man! Ok, more about myself. I think a beautiful mind is a beautiful heart because, well, I don't know. I think it's just right; it sounds right. Ok, i'm a cheerful person. I like being optimistic about things and I believe we should all take things in our stroll, Well, no point running away from problems right? Erm, I'm so nervous! This is the first time I'm blogging. And first times always get on my nerves; so I'm... I'm nervous, you see... Haha. I wish to share my views, my feelings and all, with the rest of the world and contribute to world pees. Yeah, I mean, my friend also encouraged me to do so. He said I while I contribute to World Pees, he would contribute to World Queues. Then we would have a very orderly world to live in. Thank you.