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Sinfapore and Its Job Market
Oh my, my, my! Is Channel NewsAsia being subversive? Look at its article, "Strong jobs gains show Singapore employers hiring for growth: analysts." Yes, this sounds like good news, but look at how it spells the name of our wonderful little country. SINFAPORE. Surely such a typo is found only in bimbotic blogs such as Molly's? I mean, what's the difference between a non-free non-partisan, responsible news provider and a blog? It's the rigorous editorial standards, the journalistic integrity and the immaculate spelling, grammar, diction and style! My, my!

Or perhaps it is just a small mistake. Molly's a bit too patriotic at times. Look at what else the article has to offer:

"Analysts say this is a sign of a job market hiring for growth.
It says job functions in demand will be in areas dealing with corporate strategic planning, and sales and marketing."

Pardon Molly if this sounds excessively like your Primary 3 Comprehension question, but what does "it" refer to?

"It says ..." What says? The analysts? Analysts are "it"?

Again, Molly appeals to the kind, enlightened reader to help her out.

Perhaps you wonder, other than "hiring for growth," what else could a job market be doing? Hiring for the sake of hiring to that unemployment figures will look good? Hiring for [insert antonym of growth]? Well, of course not! According to the CNA, "Watson Wyatt says although companies were hiring last year, many were cautious and hired for replacement rather than growth."

And I thought we had a fair bit of good news last year too. Wonder what they will be saying next year about this year. Things are always getting better, it seems.

Molly is particularly happy to hear good news like: "Singaporeans can look forward to a better job market as they welcome the new year." (I wonder who says so though. "It"? Analysts? CNA?)

Yes, a better job market is always good. You know, it's like when you go shopping and there are many shops and many things to buy. You might not have any money to buy the branded stuff, but it is always nice to window shop. Molly believes that the same goes for job markets. It is, after all, a market like our supermarkets. You might not qualify for most of the jobs and you might not even be employed (Molly didn't say anything about un/employment rates, did she?), but it is always good to have a good job market.

Good also that there are no more irresponsible academics talking about jobs going to foreigners any more.

To add on to your delight:
"Based on the third quarter numbers, the Manpower Ministry says job creation for this year will match or even exceed the robust gains of 108,500 seen during the boom of 2000."

Compare our job market to half a decade ago! It is good news that we might actually be comparable to what we were half a decade ago. So, let's say we are more or less out of an economic crisis (given that we only have good news these days). A pre-crisis (so to speak) and a post-crisis job market half a decade apart being comparable is a sure sign that we are growing very well. This actually means that there is really no need to create more jobs in one year as compared to a previous year.

I wonder if we are going to have pre-crisis unemployment rates too.

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"Avoid Tamiflu, infants and pregnant women": Today

Oh, don't worry. Molly isn't pregnant. When she is, she will consult the doc before taking any medicine anyway since Molly is a bimbo and don't know anything about medicines.

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