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Custodians: Terrorists and Other kinds of Terrorists
.crap Mas More
Crap more Mas.
Mask more crap.

Mas Selamat Escape.
Escape Mas Selamat.
Selamat Mas Escape.

MM Lee says Mas Selamat's escape is a severe lesson on complacency (CNA)

"Mr Lee said Mas Selamat is a wily person who could persuade his custodians and Singapore has learnt an important lesson on complacency from the episode.

"I give him full marks for winning the confidence of his custodians – that he's completely docile, completely passive and he's going to remain in captivity. It is... stupid to believe we are infallible. We are not infallible. One mistake and we get a big explosive in your midst. So let's not take this lightly. I think it's a very severe lesson of complacency," said Mr Lee."

(a) I think there has been a deliberate effort (here and elsewhere) to avoid mentioning the all-important, sacred, holy, world-class, state-of-the-art, transparently opaque, invisible Internal Security Department. Custodians. Ha. (Well, one can't be too harsh on the department that has heped you get rid of political opposition.)

(b) No matter how convinced you are that a prisoner is docile, there is no reason to be so lax with him that you don't follow proper procedures that would leave him no chance of escaping - at least not without harming a custodian... (Or maybe Mas Selamat isn't a prisoner. He was detained without trial, so the very ethical ISD must have respected his human rights.)

If you trusted him so much, why was he still in retention?

Apparently, a terrorist _who still could not be released by the ISD_ was (at least potentially) less dangerous, more reliable, than certain opposition members who try going to a hotel, and ordinary citizes who wanted to stage peaceful demonstrations. Yes, that's it. Seditious people are more dangerous than terrorists.

(c) As Molly has already predicted, rather than being an icon of PAP-Singapore failure, Mas _will_ become an indirect icon of all that crap about total defense, Singapore's vulnerability and blah. For generations, kids are going to learn about this great lesson in stupid National Education classes, learn to ignore it as a failure, and learn only the relevant messages that will in turn transform these kids into docile citizens. Great.

Bring me out of this darn place.

JI leader's escape underscores importance of trust in community (CNA)

More communal bonding crap.

More PAP Education National Education crap.

If you MIW still don't get it, let me just sum it up: I think it's DISGUSTING.

(But what does my opinion matter? After all, Molly is only a wild kitten, not docile like Mas was.)

.crap Mas More
Crap more Mas.
Must crap more.

Mas Selamat Escape.
Escape Mas Selamat.
Selamat Mas Escape.

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Nothing is Infallible.

Yes, Singapore is definitely not infallible. This I realized long long
ago and have been telling those cronies so, in so many words and in
so many times.

Now then the "Wise" Old Man wakes up to the fact that all his
policies have been, are and will not be infallible. Read page 39 of
today's ST (08 Mar 2008) - the foreign talent is vital to Spore
crap. He had admitted that Singapore is infallible and in the same
breath he is so adamant that foreign talent will save the day for
Singapore. This has brought me back to the "Two is Enough" policy
on family planning, which is the cause of what is happening today,
i.e. the need to depend on foreign talents. And this present day
foreign talent policy is going to cause yet another huge problem in
the future, down the road. Where is the Great Vision???

Yes, Singapore is definitely not infallible. And also not all men
will be infallible and live forever. And not a single empire or
political organisation nor political system can be infallible and
last forever either. Has he really learnt the lesson? I don't know
and I don't want to know. All I know is that I have lost total
confidence in a man whom I once considered was my hero. Now, I
think he is just a Spiderman, a figment of my imagination.

I think it is time there be a total revamp of the whole system of
governance. Those who fail to evolve will become extinct, just
like the dinosaurs. Simply guarding and holding onto power
jealously for as long as possible would not work any more. It is
time to share power with others - to broaden the power base for the
good of the future generations. Otherwise, there would be no
defence against low morale, lack-luster, tidh-apa attitude and

The time will come when there would be a much greater shock
comparing to the Selamat (Excellent/Good in Malay) Mas (Gold in
Malay) Great Escape.

.... and it seems that in the whole of Singapore, only Mas Selamat
is the only wily guy and the only smart man around!!!!!
It makes my toes laughed!

Dicky Dick.

Re: Nothing is Infallible.

Since Mas is so intelligent and talented, maybe the PAP could invite him to tea. Tempt him to join the PAP with a walkover constituency and a million-dollar salary. With a million-dollar salary, he will not be corrupt or do anything against Singapore's interest. Win-Win situation, no?

Indeed just crap

MM should just retire, don't come out and give us more crap...

Makes me wonder what's the future of Singapore's supposed political leaders in the near future. Really disgusting which is why so many Singaporeans are apathetic and then can no longer properly debate a situation and we are left with just a population of workers.

Bad move by our "infallible" MM. This is all the result of his planning gone badly awry and now his lackeys cannot even cope without him coming out to add to the spin.

What a joke.

Re: Indeed just crap

What about his son?

Re: Indeed just crap

The son is good for "buying voters's votes and fixing the opposition"!

Which politician (or any sensible person) would have made such a blunder by uttering such words during a general election campaign?

Those words have been said and cannot be retracted. From those words, anyone can assess the character and quality of leadership Singaporeans are having.

Re: Indeed just crap

One supposes that it's the opposition's fault that Mas escaped. The people in charge must have been so busy thinking of ways to fix the opposition that they had no time to deal with terrorists.

pls write something about the malaysian elections, it's just too tasty to miss :)

Yes, please give your lively and satirical inputs upon the Malaysian GE - The Wind of Change! Thanking you in advance, dear Molly. Please, we beg you so.

Molly buay hiao Malaysia Election one lah.

This crap is full of shit inside

His "infallible" remarks are meant for the international audience, not for the locals. These remarks are suggesting to the foreign countries that the Singapore Government is not as number ONE as claimed. That the government can make mistakes. He is trying to tell the whole world not to be harsh with his son's government.

As for his complacency remarks, he is trying to narrow the range of people to blame, namely, MSK and the guards. Hello, sir, the COI report is not out yet and are you giving hints on how the COI is to write the report, is it? Your WKS also asked everybody to wait for the report. I know you big gun, but come on, this is taking the cake.

The whole nation building state-controlled media is damn lame and crappy. You can really see the propaganda machinery at work. It is damn obvious, man.

Re: This crap is full of shit inside

To build the nation, you first demolish thinking.

thanks much

favorited this one, dude

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