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maybe Mrs Lee is a Catholic, they believe in sex, without the condom.

there are no such things as homosexual chocolates couples.

Google her name. You can find her or someone with the same name and this person's religion too. :p

Dark Chocolate + Milk = Milk Chocolate (Hetero)

Dark Chocolate ==> Gay

White Chocolate ==> Lesbian

Assortment ==> Bisexual

Chocolate with nuts => Bestiality

Chocolate with rum and raison ==> Orgiastic

(Deleted comment)
She didn't say celebrate mah. Maybe just buy something from bakery.

yes, i know. i m wrong. that why i deleted my comment.

damn those bakers for not considering the feelings of non catholics.

Sent them to jail for not being sensitive Singapore's multi-racial make-up!

Hey, didn't medical studies show that dark chocolate is the best in term of its benefits to one's health? hahah

These studies must be flawed. Just like studies suggesting that homosexuality is in-born.

Such a prude...

PS. I happen to like chocolate with rum & raisin.

That's bad. Only milk chocolate is allowed in Singapore. Other kinds of chocolate are allowed to exist illegally (don't ask what "allowed to exist illegally" means), but they can be removed from the shops any time.

You are so so evil... but i like...

Moi? I'm meek! *Innocent*

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