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hoo ha

They dare not even dare to ask the World Bank & IMF to shut the fuck up when those rich ang mo powderful men convened here for their annal meet. Only after these jokers have left, then your dear MIW dare to let off a bit of sound from their ass.

That old fool already says it: You have to have a sense of proportion, so everything to him is in terms of GDP & $$. when has it ever been humane proportion?

No wonder the foolish mass who vote p&p can take whatever up their a**

Pay or suffer in silence.

Why you always say "Pay or suffer in silence" hah? I thought it's Pay _and_ suffer in silence?

Re: hoo ha

You are right. Poor things. No end to this craziness served out by the MIW for the poor things. always in chains.

Chains chaining chains.

Don't Shut Up

molly, please promise to be our nmp if you're asked!

i think maybe that lui-guy is trying to help our students. u see, our students can mug and score by regurgitating answers in exams. critical thinking skills are not important when they can be spoon-fed with beautifully crafted answers - much like those given out in parliament. and when our students score, they get scholarships and finally, presto! into our multi-million-dollar jobs in parliament or military or civil service like himself.


Ah no, Molly is timid. She will probably cry in Parliament.

As for beautifully crafted answers, you must know that not all their answers are even beautifully crafted. Some sound like the Ah Beng's exam answer:

“If you listened very carefully Mr Low, I don’t know whether his hearing aid is with him because he wears one, I said there is a greater potential for law and order problems”

I dont understand why anti PAP sentiments online are so rampant yet we still vote for the PAP year after year year. Isnt it time we turn words into actions?

I didn't vote wor . . . Too young to vote mah.

Maybe rejecting 3% of applicants for relief teaching is an MOE recruitment criteria.

Maybe. Does 3% happen to correspond with the number of gay applicants who happen not to be pro-gahmen?

Probably includes the non-gay non-pro-gahmen too. But if that were the case i would've expected the figure to be 33.3%.

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