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Evil Kitten Blogs Irresponsibly

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the pics are hot! hahaha..
how come no women kissing women?

Women kissing women in movies seem to be harder to find on the net. Here's a pic I stole from Eric Khoo's Be With Me anyway.

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I have close friends who are gay; yet I'm homophobic. I guess I'm somewhere in transition; accepting homosexuals as they are.

Homophobia is just homophobia.

It's what homophobia in its various forms sometimes makes people do that are a cause for concern. Not all homophobic people are bent on using the law to inflict limitations on gays in the name of morality, religion, etc.

That's right. You might not feel comfortable among gays, or might disapprove with their lifestyles, but you don't have to send them to jail..

We love to see Molly kissing another Molly.
So Molly, where your sexy and beautiful picture ?

We have brokeback mountain in USA.
Now, we gonna have Brokeback Country for Singapore !

I think I better buy some padlock to protect my brother and backside hole. You never know what a desperate gay can do to you.

Gay and lesbian is abnormal.
Fucking backside hole and rubbing vagina ? Fuck off because God forbid. Don't make Singapore the next Atlantis to bottom of the sea !

Don't make Singapore the next Sodom and Gomorrah ! And please don't sodomize and gomorrahize me, do it to MIW instead.

You never know what a desperate anything can do to you.

Too late

Too late they're already here. Oh, nothing happened to your brother yet?

omg.. molly on molly action is so cute.

I will love to see male and female kissing a frog instead. Who knows what the frog turn into afte being kiss ? LKY or Hojinx ? Or even maybe Molly.

So maleToMale = gay
femaleToFemale = lesbian
humanToFrog = Hog
humanToMolly = Mol

Singapore is indeed a diverse society !

"Mr. Lee Boon Yang said that art and controversy go hand-in-hand."

Molly, indeed LBY has great foresight and wisdom. What is meant probably is
"Mr. Lee Boon Yang said that art (Of Making Love) and controversy (between similar sex) go hand-in-hand."

I wonder if LeeBoonYang is traumatized or brainwashed by LordOfGay's recent visit.

Molly (Cat) to Frog = Cog?

HOw to resolve homo issue.

If I am the ruler of Singapore, I will do the following to help solve the gay/lesbian problem:

For gay: Castrated them, breastifies them so that they are becoming female in identity. Oh, don't forget to shave off their hairy leg, armpit and chest as well !

For lesiban: Install a artificial dick, and train their breast to become chest. Install chemical to grow their armpit hair, chest hair, leg hair, so they start to look like male. In case, their period come, quarantined them at home.

And remind them to enter the right toilet !

You mean how to aids homo issue?

Storms in teacups in blogosphere !

Is there any need ??

Re: Storms in teacups in blogosphere !

The sea needs storms of a size befitting it; so does a teacup.

Is there any need to comment as above?

Nice controversial art

Love all your "controversial art" ideas, so funny too!

Re: Nice controversial art

It's controversial, trivial and inconsequential.

Re: Nice controversial art

One expects more from a bimbo huh.

Re: Nice controversial art

Thank you.

Infiltration of Xtian Terrorists

I've never seen such a barrage of vehement homophobic protests from Xtian terrorists in your blog previously. Congratulations, Molly, you must be getting more influential...

To these terrorists, I say "f*** off". Your self-righteousness stinks to heavens and your bigoted will to impose your Xtian beliefs on other pple is pathetic. If there is really an almighty Xtian god, then put your faith in him, and let the gays answer him themselves on judgement day - the same way other non believers and evil doers would.

Live and let live, and this world will be a better place.

Re: Infiltration of Xtian Terrorists

While I detest homophobes as much as you do, let's not dilute terms like "terrorist" by calling them such. Terrorists target civilians violently in order to induce psychological fear. These people are just mindless trolls, don't feed them.

Why not go the Hollywood way? I suggest "Brokeback Bukit Timah Hill"

Also, "Brave New World: Singapore", an art exhibition that will consist of *faithful* reenactments of Brave New World, with NDP speeches and other speeches played at night instead of the alpha, beta, gamma stuff (no, it's done like this... 'foreign talent is GOOD. I don't pay local students as they are STUPID. I myself should not get paid much as I am stupid. O how glad I am that I'm stupid. Clever people, like the foreign talent, have so much to think about and their lives must be really hard. I'm so glad I'm a non-talented singaporean...')

Or Brokeback Kent Ridge.

Of course it's good to be a non-talented, stupid Singaporean. The gahmen will take care of you. It will either fix you or buy your votes with dusty, noisy "upgrading" projects.

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