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What makes the situation really bleak to me is that even if the 66.6% are converted, enlightened (however one prefers to put it), the legacy of the damage done all these years would take many more years to be erased.

It's a nightmare existing in this paradise. :(

Re: hello mollymeek

The Iraqis under Saddam Hussein had suffered tremendously. After being liberated by the US and Coalition Forces, they are still suffering very badly. A third of the population, 8 million people, is now facing death unless urgent immediate international aids can reach them in time, because the present Iraqi govt has failed to provide them with the basic necessities such as food and shelter. And millions others have crossed the borders to neighboring countries as refugees of hope but without means.

Yet the Iraqis still managed to win the the Asian Cup Final against the Saudi Arabians despite the later being better man for man. What makes the Iraqis won is because of unity and team work fired up by a new wave of Nationalism in their hearts. The believe in and spirit of the ultimate success against all odds is the formula to overcome all difficulties.

Inclusive of bleak and remote situations. Inclusive of uphill battles against disguised blatant corruption, ruthlessness and tyranny. Inclusive of widespread and prolonged reconstruction due to past legacies of self-centered interests and abuse of power.

As the saying goes: The Meek shall inherit the Kingdom of God!

Take heart. Courage and resolve. Resolve and courage.

A better future it has to be. A better future it shall be!

Annie Wan.

The Meek votes like the 66.6%...

Yes Molly, I agree with you. Even if the 66.6% wake up, the decades of programming by LKY and his cronies will take another few decades to change. Singapore probably needs to have a very painful economical experience before the citizens wake up and realize that those so called talents running the country are not as good as they claim themselves to be.

I doubt they will ever wake up. After all, they will believe that it would have been worse without the wisdom of the million-dollar ministers.

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