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Evil Kitten Blogs Irresponsibly

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Oh Molly, here I go again.
You said:
"Other MIW provided their two-cents' worth, with Prof Thio Li-Ann, a constitutional law expert, claiming that there will be a "series of checks and balances." Molly doesn't know what the "series" of checks and balances are for the news report mentions only one. Molly doesn't know if Prof Thio mentioned more than one."

Molly, we do really have "check and Balance", but these doesn't mean literally but Moneyly. Check and Balance in money and financial sense. CheckAndBalance is the one used in the bank. And to check and Balance in SingaporeInc means to give "Check(Cheque) and whatever remaining Balance" in term of MONEY to our gahmen to help them regain moral authority and to be elite of the elite !!!

Please Molly, next time, when you talk about CheckAndBalance, do properly explain the real meaning behind the word in SingaporeGov terms not in laymen's term because Singaporean is very naive and cuckoo.

NKF's checkAndBalance => CheckAndBalance of Money in bank in Durai and Mrs Peanut and with her appointed HONEST BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

EDB's checkAndBalance => Don't know where to check and where to balance. Money spell good and disappear to even be check and balance.

In that case, judging from the ministerial pay hike, the system of checks and balances must have gotten even larger than before.

Indeed, Molly,
they now want to extend "Check and Balance" to EDB and many stepBoard. Look like these fifthy rich bastaW$#@$D323rds are going to another round of pay increment since many "Check and Balance" will be credit into their account !

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