To Fix a Mocking Peasant

Evil Kitten Blogs Irresponsibly

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do you realise they dont say what they mean in plain honest language in the house? they killed honesty in this country by making use of reprisal laws to force even oppositions to speak in 'tongues'( mousy polite somemore). so much so, they dont even have a clue as to what they were saying let alone the public( how many actually understand their 'tongues'?)

it takes someone like a mocking molly to translate an OFFENSIVE message. but i suspect, rockson is by far a better unofficial communicator considering his following. he probably can say it like it is and mean it like it is that the whole country can relate and follow.

fuck, there is so much fear in this country that there is hardly any honesty in politics anymore( i am refering to those in the forefront of politics)

not only has the fire been doused, they sound like polite frogs too.

I guess the opposition can either choose to be tactical or to go forward like Dr. Chee. It's not necessarily a bad thing if people are more sensitive readers and listeners and can see the message for themselves, e.g. instead of being taken in by the JBJ-conspiracy ruse, people can look more carefully at what Sylvia is saying. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

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