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Sylvia's Lim Speech & Jayakumar Snapping

Jayakumar cannot answer Slyvia's question then snap and try to divert by bringing out old history and "conspiracy theory" for what ??? Cannot answer means cannot answer.

Then he bring out dunno what ranking which I never seen or heard before. I only remember our judicial system rank below Hong Kong. Our ranking maybe good for foreigners but not Singaporeans.

Parliament is a place to ask questions and voice concerns or else for what, is Jayakumar getting old by snapping this way?

We all know the President is quite useless in Singapore because he needs to be supported by ruling party.

Slyvia's concerns are valid and legitimate. Any person nominated by PM will of course feel his position is owed to the PM and thus decision-making can be biased.

Who will check decision-making in the judicial system is not biased ??

Let the judicial system pick their own nominees.

If everthing can depend on trust, integrity, reputation and qualifications, then what for need systems, police and auditors ??

What Jayakumar say sets a very dangerous precedent for the future.

We have seen many instances people in powerful, rich and comfortable positions can be corrupt and abusive. Marcos, Suharto, Worldcom, Enron, NKF etc because the systems were not designed to check them.

Re: Sylvia's Lim Speech & Jayakumar Snapping

Oppose and you are being paranoid and coming up with conspiracy theories.

As the song goes, "Just believe, just believe..."

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