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Evil Kitten Blogs Irresponsibly

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The opening of the British archive files certainly shed a lot of light on what actually happened during the 50s & 60s. Now we have prove of how power was abused and history was re-written accordingly. At least our generation have the benefit of the records to enlighten us and provide a 2voice. I wonder what would happen to our future generation. From the late 80s to the early 2000 we have only one discourse, that of the ruling elite. An elite which prides itself to declare that the golden age is here as in the history of the dynasties before. But I believe like the British archives, the blogshere with its discourse will serve as a alternative voice to record history from the neutral perspective, provided such articles like Molly's are achived.

History would probably be written to make Molly a treacherous bimbo, if she were to have a place in history at all.

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